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SWIM's "Adopt a Beach" Cleanup team meets on the 2nd weekend of each month (during low tides). To learn more about this program, click here.

February 9, 2020, Sunday 4:00 P.M.

"On Silent Wings: The Magic of the Snowy Owl" at the Nahant Public Library


Nahant S.W.I.M. Inc. with the Nahant Public Library will co-sponsor a program featuring Wildlife photographer Peter Christoph of Lancaster on Sunday, February 9 at 4:00 P.M. Peter, a well-known wildlife advocate who uses his presentations to raise awareness about conserving bird habitat, will show some of his award-winning work and give tips on getting great bird photos. He has presented at photography groups nationally and locally, including the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) and is a regular speaker for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Mass. Audubon and the National Wildlife Refuge System. He has been the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards and gold medals recognizing his photographic talent. Peter is also responsible for publishing three bird photography books, including his latest, “The Art of Bird Photography.” For an example of his photography, see the flyer for the event On Silent Wings: The Magic of the Snowy Owl. The Nahant Public Library and Nahant S.W.I.M. Inc. are jointly sponsoring this event in conjunction with the Library’s Nature in Nahant initiative this year.

March 11, 2020, Wednesday 7:00 P.M.

Arborist Presentation on "The Planting and Care of Trees" at the Nahant Public Library


Nahant S.W.I.M. Inc. will sponsor a presentation by arborist Tom Brady, who is Brookline's arborist. Tom will make a presentation about the selection, planting and care of trees. Earlier in the day, he will make a special presentation to our Department of Public Works. The Nahant Public Library is hosting this event as part of its Nature in Nahant initiative. For additional information about planting and caring for trees, see the handouts from the Arbor Day Foundation (arborday.org) on How to Plant Bare-Root Trees and, as of March, 2018, Trees Available from the National Arbor Day Foundation . The Tree City USA Bulletin also provides a brochure called "The Right Tree for the Right Place" at https://www.arborday.org/trees/bulletins/documents/004-summary.pdf/.

April 14, 2020, Tuesday 7:00 P.M.

Presentation on "Butterflies" at the Nahant Public Library.


In another collaboration with the Library's Nature in Nahant initiative, there will be a presentation about "Butterflies" by Scott Santino who is a Naturalist at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield, MA. Scott has been leading programs for Mass. Audubon since 1999. He has led natural history tours locally, around New England and the East Coast, as well as to other national and international destinations for Mass. Audubon. Topics about which he especially enjoys teaching include birds, butterflies, vernal pools, mammal tracking and the ecology of Ipswich River.

May 3, 2020 Sunday Noon to 2:30 P.M.

The 8th Annual Nahant Beaches Cleanup Day


Particpants to meet at the Nahant Lifesaving Station at Short Beach. At Short Beach, park in the Lowlands lot, and sign in at the Life Saving Station.

Spring, 2020 Date and time to be announced.

SWIM's Annual Meeting


Additional details to follow.

Nahant Dingies by ML Cort
Divers by ML Cort
Winter Plunge by Alice Cort

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